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Welcome to Raviraj Group!

Started in 2004 as a young enterprise & after years of continuous successful offerings of various financial products like Equity , MF , Insurance & Broking, the company decided to diversify from Wealth Management into-Mining, Agri, & Infra Sectors. The reason & vision was quite obvious- “ To secure the Targeted growth” .
The decision was equally strategic. Just have a look below.
Our country is rich in Mineral Resources, inspite of several hi-tech processes for Mining are employed, a significant part lies unexplored for mineral wealth. This motivated the group for Mining.
Today India ranks Second in farm produces. Agriculture is still the largest economic sector & plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic development. Agriculture is a major contributor to the GDP & so,the group aims to contribute to our nations GDP through Corporate Farming. Over the past few years our economy consistently recorded impressive growth rates per annum, resulting in rapidly increasing infrastructure spending. It is estimated that the Infrastructure sector needs to grow at a higher CAGR over the coming decade to support the growing requirements of virtually every other sector of Indian economy. Thus, compelling RAVIRAJ GROUP to Infrastructures.
Finally, Raviraj Group’s core aim is NOT just Enriching Lives but :